To fight unemployment, India to plant 2 billion trees
A new initiative in India will employ up to 300,000 youths in an effort to improve air quality and provide opportunities to the unemployed.

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Black nebula, seething in my brain.

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…”The fools are kings, tearing apart the soul”… 


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Can we just admire the platypus for a moment?? Look at this fucking animal. Evolution created a fucking mammal with the body of a MOLE, the eyes of a FISH, the beak of a DUCK, the feet of an OTTER, and the tail of a BEAVER. It LAYS EGGS, it’s fucking VENEMOUS, and it can SENSE ELECTRIC FIELDS to catch its prey. You may ask: “What the fuck, nature?” and you would be entirely justified. When European scientists first discovered the animal, they thought it was a taxidermist’s hoax. As it is, the platypus remains an ecological enigma, and to many, a joke. But the platypus does not need your approval. Behold, the mighty platypus.


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Platypus playtime


Friendly reminder that the Duckbill Platypus is not beaver sized but the tiniest most cutest patootie being in existence 


That last post of our family’s 300 year old Lebanese villa went viral so I thought I would post some additional pictures of the house in case anyone wanted to see them.

The villa has a ridiculous and long history (at one point it was inhabited by invading Israeli soldiers for 6 months), with each generation adding new rooms and floors (it has four floors now). Built next to the family church, each piece of furniture in the house is a work of art. The second picture in this set was originally a door in ancient Damascus that they repurposed into a table.